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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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Who are We

As one of three groups (BAT, CERT, HAM) in this grassroots organization, sponsored by the Los Altos Community Foundation, we focus on Emergency/Disaster preparedness and enabling individuals, families and neighborhoods to be prepared, responsive, and functional at these critical times. We are part of a nationwide program for disaster preparedness developed by FEMA. Los Altos PREPARE-CERT is registered as a Citizen Corp Local Council in the state of California.
We were formed in October 2013 and have trained and graduated over 75 new CERT members.

What is CERT

Started by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department in 1985, and building on this development in 1994, FEMA expanded the CERT materials nationwide. The primary goal of our CERT organization is in establishing Los Altos preparedness for times of emergency/disaster, in an effective and timely manner, by providing CERT fundamental activities in partnership with our Block Action Teams.

Emergency Services personnel are the best trained and equipped to handle these situations, however they may not be immediately available to respond to your call.  CERTs are a “bridge” to professional first responders until they are able to respond.

Our Objective: Help You to be Ready

Our Objective is to foster individual and neighborhood disaster preparedness through training classes, drills and exercises and ongoing collaboration with the City of Los Altos. Classroom CERT training is provided by the Santa Clara County Fire Department through their CERT Academy. Los Altos PREPARE/CERT will provide a focus on being a key partner with our Block Action Team (BAT) leaders, hams and the City of Los Altos. To maintain a competent level of preparedness, CERTs are additionally invited to participate in follow-up training and drills with other nearby jurisdictions, BATs and hams.

Interested in CERT training

For additional information on how to sign up for the next CERT training session, training calendar and fees, go to SCCFD.org for Emergency Preparedness; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or call 408-378-4010.