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Los Altos PREPARE Demonstrates Communications Capability

October 7 was “drill day” in Los Altos.  The school districts (high school and grade school) did earthquake drills – evacuating students and checking to make sure everyone was OK.  The City staff members went through four hours of formalized Emergency Operations Center (EOC) training and reviewing emergency procedures.  Not to be left out, the Los Altos PREPARE/BAT programs demonstrated… Read More »Los Altos PREPARE Demonstrates Communications Capability

BAT Leaders Share Inspiration

Current BAT Leaders throughout Los Altos met at El Camino Hospital for their quarterly Inspiration Meeting.  With the idea of supporting each other and continuing the idea of building stronger neighborhoods, the Inspiration sessions allow BAT Leaders to exchange ideas on how to organize and inspire their Block Action Teams (BATs).  The latest Inspiration session was no exception.  BAT Leader… Read More »BAT Leaders Share Inspiration

CERT Storage Shed Takes Shape

With the success of the CERT program in Los Altos, it was quickly apparent that a storage area was needed for general CERT supplies. Through a generous donation by Orchard Supply Hardware in Mountain View the shed became a reality. The only problem was that it was in pieces – lots of little pieces. Led by Harry Guy, an able… Read More »CERT Storage Shed Takes Shape

BAT Leader Training October 7

Napa got hit by a 6.0 earthquake recently and damage was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. What if it hit here – would you and your neighborhood be ready? Now is the time to start getting your neighborhood organized and set up to handle situations such as what happened in Napa. The next BAT (Block Action Team) Leader… Read More »BAT Leader Training October 7

BAT #111 Is Ready – How About You?

Congratulations to Nancy, Carol and Robin for organizing their first BAT drill.  This BAT is the largest BAT in Los Altos (~80 homes), and they have developed mini-blocks with individual captains to keep it organized.  They activated and exercised their BAT neighborhood with a number of simulated conditions that included: child trapped in playhouse by a fallen tree limb; gas… Read More »BAT #111 Is Ready – How About You?

CERT Class

Our next CERT class is scheduled to begin on September 16, 2015 at 6:30pm and will be held at the Los Altos Intero office, 496 1st Street on the second floor in suite #200.  Please go to https://losaltosbat.org/los-altos-cert-classes/cert-overview/ for complete information on CERT in Los Altos.

BAT Leader Training July 29

The next BAT Leader training session is scheduled for July 29.  Join your neighbors in forming a Block Action Team to build a stronger sense of community in your neighborhood. Although the session is titled BAT Leader Training, this is an informative discussion about Block Action Teams, how they are formed and what they can do for your neighborhood.  After… Read More »BAT Leader Training July 29

Los Altos CERT Training in September

The next Los Altos CERT class will be starting on September 18.  This is a series of 3 hour classes and a Saturday “graduation exercise” that covers the finer details of CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams).  Learn how to handle a fire extinguisher, provide minor first and and do light search and rescue.  This class is offered twice a year,… Read More »Los Altos CERT Training in September

Block Action Team Leader Class in April

The next installment of the Block Action Team Leader (BAT Leader) training session is scheduled for April 29.  To sign up, click on the “Sign Up To Be A BAT Leader” link that’s to the right.  Don’t worry – you don’t have to commit to being a leader until you attend the class, and even then you can still say… Read More »Block Action Team Leader Class in April