BAT Leader Resources

These BAT Leader Resources help you start your BAT and manage information about your BAT.

Guides are listed first, with the following items organized in the three categories of Connect, Care, and Prepare.

Clicking on a link will open it in a new window. For ease of printing, most files are PDF format, unless otherwise noted.

How To Articles for BAT Leaders

Getting Started – If you’re just getting started, start here – this is a quick overview


Start a Block Action Team
Scenarios for Meeting Your Neighbors
Sample Introduction Letter to Neighbors (MS Word so you can customize as needed)
Family Resource and Information Form (automatic download)
Emergency Contact Information template (Excel, automatic download)
Neighborhood Directory Template (Excel, automatic download)
How to set up a Yahoo Group for communicating with your BAT
How to set up a Google Group for communicating with your BAT
BAT Leader Checklist (Excel format so you can track your progress in your BAT)
Preliminary Safety Assessment form (PSA) – PDF file that allows input of street addresses


BAT Leader Position Description
How to Host A Block Party



FEMA Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit– A good discussion of what should go into a personal and family emergency kit, from FEMA.
Family Disaster Planning – A short article on why family planning is important. What you should cover and steps to take after a disaster. From the American Red Cross
Family Disaster Plan Template – A template that you can fill out and print to start your Family Disaster Plan.  From the American Red Cross


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT): Santa Clara County Fire website
How to Organize a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Meeting
Post-earthquake Checklist
Turning off the electricity after an earthquake
Gas Safety – how and when to turn it off