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CERT Academy Graduates Emergency Preparedness Volunteers

Santa Clara County Fire Department instructors recently held Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training in Los Altos, and graduated residents from Los Altos and surrounding communities.

These volunteers completed 21 hours of training in first aid, search and rescue techniques, disaster psychology, fire extinguisher use, patient triage and treatment, and more.

They wrapped up their training with a hands-on drill, with volunteers playing the role of injured people, where the trainees conduct search and rescue, patient assessment and treatment.

Mayor Lynette Lee Eng and Los Altos Police Captain Katie Krauss joined Santa Clara County Fire Department staff in congratulating the CERT graduates.

The new CERT graduates from Los Altos have been invited to register as Disaster Service Worker Volunteers in the Los Altos CERT program, which regularly holds drills and skills refresh training in order to maintain their readiness to help the community in an emergency.

To learn more about emergency preparedness and the Los Altos CERT program, please see:

For classes in Santa Clara County in 2020, please visit the SCC Fire CERT Academy page.

Photos courtesy of Santa Clara County Fire Dept and Fred Evans