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BAT #11: Emergency Guides & Evacuation Routes

BAT #11/Toyon Farm Community’s National Night Out Barbecue

BAT 11 Leader Agnes Derbin Caulfield with Officers Kevin Vitorelo and Eric Brooks. Photo credit: Diane Claypool

The Toyon Farm Neighborhood Watch/Emergency Preparedness, Welcome and Social Committees hosted a barbecue/potluck on National Night Out in August.

Twenty-three people, including two community service officers (Eric Brooks and Kevin Vitorelo) and two City of Los Altos representatives (Council Member Neysa Fligor and another City official) attended the event.

BAT 11 had a table set up with Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness information and distributed the Toyon Farm Emergency Guide.

The Guide, funded through the City of Los Altos Community and Emergency Preparedness Grant Program, includes instructions for earthquake preparedness & shelter-in-place procedures and fire preparedness & evacuation procedures through four possible exits.