100 BAT Leaders and Counting…

In April, the 100th Los Alton committed to be a Block Action Team Leader!   “It is so exciting to have our residents stepping up to take care of their neighbors, learn some new skills and have some fun” said Sherie Dodsworth, Volunteer BAT Program Manager.

During the training BAT leaders learn what they can do to improve neighborhood emergency preparedness and the ability to respond and recover from a major disaster such as an earthquake. In addition, tips about implementing crime prevention, safety techniques and how to promote social interaction are included.   Attending the training session does not commit you to the role of BAT leader, but hopefully motivates you to make the commitment to help your neighbors.

A BAT leader defines his/her neighborhood (typically 15-50 households), communicates with the residents within it and organize helpers and events. General responsibilities include encouraging neighborhood social events, developing a neighborhood roster, communicating emergency response information and organizing a neighborhood watch.