2014 Accomplishments

It was a great year for Los Altos PREPARE and Block Action Team! Our accomplishments include:

  • 87 residents committed to be a BAT Leader.
  • 40 Block Action Teams (BATs) have been mapped, these can be viewed on our website www.losaltosbat.org/map
  • 1,094 households are covered by a BAT which is approximately 10% of the Los Altos Households
  • 65 CERT members have been trained, and they participated in 3 exercises in preparedness which also involved HAMS and BATs.
  • The 11 Emergency Information Reporting Sites were established and HAM volunteers have agreed to staff 6 of them, using their own packet systems.
  • We received a $500 grant from Los Altos Rotary Foundation, towards the purchase of a packet system.
  • $1,137 in contributions were received for support of our programs.

The success of the BAT/CERT/HAM programs and activities is due to volunteers who are very generous with their time and talents. Thank you for getting involved and making a difference in our community.