BAT Leaders Share Inspiration

Current BAT Leaders throughout Los Altos met at El Camino Hospital for their quarterly Inspiration Meeting.  With the idea of supporting each other and continuing the idea of building stronger neighborhoods, the Inspiration sessions allow BAT Leaders to exchange ideas on how to organize and inspire their Block Action Teams (BATs).  The latest Inspiration session was no exception.  BAT Leader Nancy Bartlett provided a review of the disaster drill that BAT 111 held on August 24.  Ironically, this is the same day that Napa was hit with a 6.0 earthquake.  During their drill, BAT 111 practiced how to shut of utilities such as natural gas and how to perform search and rescue.  After the drill, the entire neighborhood held a big block party to celebrate their success.

pulsepointLan Nguyen, another BAT Leader, provided a review of the County’s CERT training exercise that was held on August 23.  During this annual training exercise, CERT participants learned how to set up and operate a command post and do search and rescue techniques.  Their “victim” was a lost child and while searching for the “victim”, they learned how to ask questions of people on the street to better refine their search area.  CERT members from across the County participated in this event.

The highlight of the Inspiration Session was a presentation by Brenda Taussig, Community Relations Manager of El Camino Hospital.  Brenda presented a smartphone application named PulsePoint.  This smartphone app is designed to let CPR-trained people know when there is a need for CPR skills nearby.  A possible example is you are shopping downtown and a diner at a nearby restaurant stop breathing.  The shop owner dials 911 and waits for the paramedics to arrive.  In the meantime, the PulsePoint app on your phone alerts you to the situation and since you are a few doors away, you can quickly move to the person and assist by providing CPR until the paramedics arrive.  El Camino Hospital is sponsoring this app and its popularity is growing like wildfire with downloads from around the world.  This is a great app to download on your phone along with getting CPR trained.

The Inspiration session wound up by BAT Leaders developing a list of request for tools and assistance to better manage their BATs.  Held quarterly, look for the next BAT inspiration session to be held on December 10.