BAT #111 Is Ready – How About You?

comboCongratulations to Nancy, Carol and Robin for organizing their first BAT drill.  This BAT is the largest BAT in Los Altos (~80 homes), and they have developed mini-blocks with individual captains to keep it organized.  They activated and exercised their BAT neighborhood with a number of simulated conditions that included:

  • child trapped in playhouse by a fallen tree limb;
  • gas leak that needed to be turned off;
  • water leak on a front porch;
  • and a missing dog.

Click on the picture to see a close-up of some of these activities.  Each household was asked to display their HELP/OK sign and some of the mini-blocks held specific training sessions on topics such as search techniques.  The exercise was followed by a neighborhood pot luck and a children’s bicycle parade.  Well done BAT #111!