Los Altos CERT Participates in County Drill

Picture 004aOn August 23, 2014, Los Altos Prepare – CERT participated in the Santa Clara County Wide Emergency Drill. The participants were: Christine Brown, John Brown, Lauren Doud, Don Gladstone, William Huang, Cookie Murata, Chris Nagao, Lan Nguyen and Nick Tanner.

There were morning and afternoon sessions, and each session had approximately 80 people. Participants were divided into four teams of twenty, and were briefed on how to search the neighborhood for missing persons.

The County provided a Mentor for each team. The Mentor watched over the team from start to finish and gave guidance when needed. The team set up and operated the “Incident Command Post”. CERT members were equipped with Family Radio Service (FRS) radios for communication. They were deployed to search street by street covering about half a square mile. The County Staff planted clues and bystanders in the neighborhood. The CERT members conducted the searches by finding all the clues, and interviewed the bystanders for any information regarding missing persons. At the end of the exercise, the team held a de-briefing, and the Mentors gave suggestions and answered questions.

The exercise was very well planned and executed, and the participating teams from various cities updated their knowledge and practiced their skills. The County was very happy to receive the assistance from Scouts and Parent volunteers provided by Mrs. Lan Nguyen, to role play as missing persons.