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Sign Up for BAT Leader Training

The next installment of Block Action Team (BAT) Leader training is coming soon (Feb 27).  To sign up, fill in this form (ed: old link removed) or click on the “Block Action Team” button that’s on the menu bar above if you want more information.  There you will find a description of the program and a link to the sign-up form.  Signing up for the presentation doesn’t commit you to being a BAT Leader – you can make that decision at the session itself.  The first two hours of the presentation describes the driving forces behind the program and a high-level view of how BATs will help after an earthquake.  Then its time for you to decide – do you want to be a BAT Leader or not?  Those interested in being a BAT Leader will stay longer and we’ll take your picture for an ID badge, hand out some BAT organizing material and explain how some of the more important forms will be used.  So go ahead – click on the button above and join us on the 27th to learn more about the program.  Or ask yourself, if not you, then who?