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BAT Leader Training a Huge Success

BAT Leaders learn skills to better assist their neighbors

The first Block Action Team (BAT) Leader training session was a huge success.  Forty two Los Altos residents met on January 29th for three hours to learn the steps necessary to be a successful BAT Leader.  Topics such as working with your neighbors and preparing family emergency plans were discussed.  BAT Leaders also heard how the BAT program will, after a major emergency such as an earthquake, provide the City leaders with crucial information which will allow First Responders to better react to the emergency.  At the end of the training, the newly trained BAT Leaders were provided with a BAT Information kit that will help them gather and organize the information necessary to make their BAT better prepared.

“This program is really needed” was one of the many positive comments made by the attendees after the presentation.  A common theme heard during conversations was “we really need to get organized.”  One BAT Leader summarized it by saying “I am very happy to see our city get active – or at least our citizens.”

New BAT Leader Training is held just about every month.  Visit the BAT Leader Training Signup page and join us at one of our future sessions.  Don’t worry – this doesn’t commit you do being a leader, it just gets you in the training session.  But we are confident that once you go through the training, you will want to be a BAT Leader.