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BAT #105: Ready For Action!

Los Altos CERT Fire Extinguisher Training — October 2018

BAT #105 Leaders Patricia and Fred Evans, supported by a City of Los Altos Community and Emergency Preparedness Grant, held training in May 2019.

The group learned to use walkie talkies, fire extinguishers and setting up Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP) supplies.

They also handed out “Secure Your Space” items provided by a grant from the Earthquake Country Alliance.

Patricia and Fred, with assistance from Jon Boucher and Mark Zamzow, held two sessions of each of the three classes to accommodate the schedules of the 32 households in their BAT.

They surveyed knowledge and skill before and after each session, with fantastic results (0-5 scale):

  • The average score before training was 0.6 on “confidence in setting up and using a walkie talkie,” followed by an average score of 4.1, with an additional 4 on “confidence in communicating with network control” after training.
  • The average score before training was 2 on “knowledge of fire safety and how to use extinguisher.” After the session, the average score was 4.9.
  • The average score before training was 2.6 on “knowledge about preparing for emergencies.” After the session, the average score was 4.6 on “confidence in reducing hazards,” 4.6 on “confidence in assembling supplies and a Go Bag,” and 4.3 on “confidence in planning for disasters.”

Congratulations to all the participants on building a more resilient neighborhood and City!